The NZBLNK URI scheme

The NZBLNK™ URI scheme defines the format of NZBLNK™ links to identify binary Usenet content and supplies some extra information to handle that content correct.

The idea behind the creation of the NZBLNK™ scheme is need of a computer readable, modern approach to supply a unique reference to binary usenet information. The reference should follow these rules:

The inspiration for the NZBLNK™ was the prominent "magnet link" which works perfect for BitTorrent.

The URI format

NZBLNK™ URI consist of a series of two or more parameters, the order of which is not significant, formatted in the same way as query strings that ordinarily terminate HTTP URLs.


The segments are:

NZBLNK generator

Enter your data to generate a NZBLNK™ link. Press a copy button to copy the link into your clipboard. Mandatory fields are marked (*). You can also drop a NZB file on this website.

The resulting link:
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For any questions, suggestions etc. please feel free to contact us with github issue system.